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Photo Gallery A

Here are some more photographs relating to Balloon Command.

Click on each thumbnail to enlarge and once you have viewed it, press your back button on your browser to return to this page


RAF Cardington Administration Building

How many of you can rememeber passing through here?

What was it like inside?




Barrage Balloons at Cardington

This is a very famous postcard photograph of Cardington


A Balloon floats over Tower Bridge

This must have been quite a sight in WWII

Balloon Sheds at Cardington

These enormous sheds were where many of you would have trained and prepared to walk your balloon outside to an area of activity.

Cardington from the air

This shows the incredible acreage devoted to Balloon Command

An early WWI Barrage Balloon

Note the distinctive Roundel!

The enormous doors of the balloon hangar

Opening these must have needed some muscle and co-ordination. Who has stories to tell about this

Restored Fordson Balloon Winch

These must have been quite a device to drive and setup for Balloon Command

Hangar with Balloons and Wich Lorries being walked out

This is a famous Keystone picture. Could you be in this picture?

Captured Heinkel with anti-barrage balloon fenders.

This was one of the ideas that Germany tried and failed in an attempt to beat the Balloon Barrage. I still have the original photograph.


View Inside Hangar

This looks to be a huge cold place to me... how do you remember it?

View of Sheds in the Distance

Even at this distance the size of the sheds is amazing!!!