Photo Gallery B

Here are some more photographs relating to Balloon Command.

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This is an Airgraph

This is an Airgraph which was a special form of greeting card made by photographing the card and flying the film back to the UK. This was sent by driver D Jones to his mother in New port, Monmouthshire

This another Airgraph

This was sent to Reg Jones Brother in the Ik

This a further Airgraph

This was sent by an airman to his girl friend in Cardiff

Balloons Protecting Ships at Sea

Waterborne balloons were designed to keep planes from dive bombing. These balloons were flown as these ships sailed to France on D Day

Fabric Tester

This is a fabric tester and was used on barrage balloon fabric. Does anyone know how it was used?

Fabric Tester

This shows a gauge and a few other bits but its exact use is unknown.

Fabric Testing Gauge

What did this measure? Thickness? Stiffness? gas Permeability??

Painting by Grace Kingston

Grace is famous for her many paintings featuring Barrage Ballons in WWII.This shows the crews with their winch vehicles ready to "let up" the balloons. Her attention to detail is amazing.

Site 18 Widnes

This crew is at Site 18 at Widnes and was loaned by Ida Pearson. Does anyone know who the others are?