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The Making of The One Show's Women's  Balloon Barrage Squadrons 2011.

The day started with a routine safety briefing and Angelica Bell started talking about the docks at Cardiff and it vital importance in WWII.

The filming location was down by the Norwegian Church in Cardiff and I took down the nose cone of a WWII barrage balloon.

We set things up and I was then interviewed by Angelica about the balloons and its importance in defence.

She also asked about how important balloons were for the role of women in WWII.


I read through the script by the nose cone of a WWII barrage balloon

I show Angelica some balloon fabric and the the nose cone of a WWII barrage balloon.


Filming takes place on the waterfront. In the afternoon we were taken to Cardiff Castle where we were to meet Mrs Doral Guyll

who served in the Balloon Barrages in WWII. She served in Cardiff for a while and also in 917 Squadron.

She became a sergeant in the R.Aux.A.F. and in those days she was Dora Barnes.

Dora was on top form and amused the film crew and Angelica with her tales of the war and the work that women did in the 

barrage balloon squadrons.

Dora Guyll who served as Sergeant Dora Barnes in WWII in the barrage balloon squadrons.

Dora Guyll and Angelica prepare for the interview and filming



                               Dora Guyll shows Angelica her medals she was awarded after the war


                                        Angelica is amused by one of Dora's tales

For more information on Dora Guyll please click on this link:     441880 Sergeant Dora Guyll (nee Barnes)