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I was contacted by the Imperial War Museum about the 70 year anniversary of the outbreak of WWII and was able to put them

 in touch with Leonard Bancrofts' son George. They arranged to feature his father as part of the exhibition and George and his

 wife went to the preview of the exhibition and have kindly sent some pictures of the day.

The exhibition 'Outbreak 1939' at the Imperial War Museum 20 August 2009 - 5 September 2010 is a special exhibition, which

 explores the build-up to and preparations for war, an overview of the key events of 3 September 1939 and an account of the

early months of the conflict. It does not cover the main body of the war or goes into in any great depth about other aspects,

i.e. the Balloon Squadrons etc., but is a snap shot of that day, seventy years after the announcement that informed the

nation that Britain was at war.


George proudly standing standing outside The Imperial War Museum

The Imperial War Museum exhibition featuring Leonard Ashford Bancroft and the outbreak of war


George Bancroft and Mrs Bancroft at the reception at The Imperial War Museum when they attended a lunchtime reception at the

 IWM on Tuesday August 18th to mark the opening of the exhibition and were able to view the same together with other invited

 guests, the press and representatives from ITV1, before the official opening on Thursday 20th August.