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910/09 Squadron Explores German bomb crater on Dagenham Marsh


A/C White 910 Squadron Flight 19. Was the dog in service as well?

Note the  "butchers bike" at the back. This was designed to take a

"Haybox" of hot food and drink as well as a host of other bits and

pieces out to the men and women in the field.


Update 15th March 2008:

I have had a request from a Linda Glasby who has contacted me to

say that her father was LAC John White and was in 909/910 Squadron, and also on 954, 992, 950 932 and 995.

She has sent me to pictures of him with his new bride in their unorthodox wedding car. Is this the same man who is featured above???

She states: "My fathers name was John White and he married Lillian Ball on 16th December 1939. They were married in West Ham parish church. We think that at the time of the wedding (December 1939) he was on 909 Squadron but we do know that he was on 910 (up to about October 1941). He seemed to mainly be on 909 and 910 squadron but according to his service record he was also on 954, 992, 950 932 and 995 albeit only a few months at a time."

I have placed the pictures below and if anyone can help to identify

him please contact me



Winch Vehicle as wedding car!! (December 1939). I have never seen

this before! They all look to be enjoying themselves!




West Ham parish church. (December 1939)