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Flight Lieutenant Clifford Basil North at Coventry

On 21st September 1941 Flight Lieutenant C. B. North was posted from Newport 966 Squadron to Coventry in charge of B Flight 916/7 

squadrons at Newfield School, Cash’s Lane.

Flight Lieutenant C. B. North visiting his sites with Bill the pony helping to save fuel.

 He is accompanied by what appears to be a Section Officer, they are probably about to inspect the hut and balloon site..

I can imagine that Bill the pony was a favourite with the girls on the site. Note the balloon in the background close to the hut.

F/Lt C B North (centre) at the site with two Section officers some of the crew.


F/Lt C B North (furthest right) at a wedding of an unnamed corporal and his bride. The sergeant next to Flight Lieutenant C. B. North

appears to have a box of confetti .


Four officers and other ranks, a small number of these men are wearing ribbons suggesting they served in the Great War as well.


         Four officers and other ranks.  This house had probably been commandeered by Balloon Command as a Headquarters.


     Officers at B Flight. Flight Lieutenant C. B. North seated bottom far left. Only one of these officers (back row

fourth from left) is wearing a ribbon suggesting he served in the Great war.


  B Flight Warrant Officer (seated front centre) with Non Commissioned Officers, one of whom wears a set of ribbons

 indicating he served in the Great War


F/Lt C B North (second from right) attended many post-war B Flight Coventry reunions and this is the only 

remaining photograph of such an event. shows a photograph of the current site, taken in 2013.  The former 

Newfield School entrance lodge shown in one photograph was the officers’ quarters.  Keith North, the son

 of Flight Lieutenant C. B. North, recalls staying in the lodge as an eight-year-old boy during the period his

 father was stationed there.