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                                            Youngest Member of a Balloon Crew?

        In April 1940 a 4-year-old lad called Roger Branton, of Old Ford, London was obsessed with the local balloon 

       barrage unit and continually pestered his parents, Ivy and Robert Branton to stop and let him see what the 

         balloon crew were doing. He was taken to see the balloon on the site every day. His regular visits soon got 

         him noticed and soon he became the unofficial mascot of the local balloon Barrage. His mother found enough 

        coupons to knit him a replica of the uniform worn by the men in the balloon crew. 

        She made a pretty good job of it

    Here he is dressed smartly in his “uniform” , on his way to visit the men of the balloon barrage.

     I am impressed by the accuracy of this outfit!

                         I wonder if he ever joined up postwar?            





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