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Warrant Officer Frederick Quinn Archive Page 2

I am delighted to be able to show these pictures showing Balloon Activity at various sites across the UK.

These pictures have been very kindly supplied by permission of the Quinn family.

Please be patient as these may take some time to download

Nice shot of a Balloon crew setting out and tensioning the guy ropes. Cardington No2 shed in background.

Note the tall stepladder lying on the ground.

Nose of Balloon on display with all panels clearly on view.

Barracks are in the background.

Nice shot of a Balloon crew and winch crew flying the balloon. What is that on the trailer?.

Nice Aerial shot of a Balloon bed showing tarpaulin for bedding down.

Nice Aerial shot of a Balloon, this gives it some scale!!

 The name on the back of this picture is "Ron Clarke". I think he is testing gas  purity here.

Good shot of a Balloon bed block. Does anyone know him?