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This is a birthday greeting sent by his men and is in fact made out of a small patch of barrage balloon fabric.

Note this is not the style of balloon we usually saw in Britain, so we can assume this was done when he was overseas.

Below is a British picture of some balloon crew members having fun!


Once again a funny moment has passed!

 Below we see Beresford and his crew posing for a picture with some civilian types wearing their RAf caps!

 Again below this lot appear to be playing the fool for the photographer!


Below: These are hydrogen cylinders that survived an air raid in Calcutta

Here is Fl Lt Beresford in Britain, note the pram in the background.

 Below: 978 Squadron in Calcutta


This picture below is Calcutta



Below we see the HQ for Ballons in Calcutta

This is a hydrogen generating plant in Calcutta.



Below - these are an Indian Balloon Unit deploying a typical balloon of the type used in hot climates.


Below: Flt Lt Beresford joining in with the crew for a humorous picture

 An unknown carrier enters port