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Urgent!!!!    Save Cardington Airfield

 The airfield and the airship hangars at Bedford, Cardington are unique and form a major Bedfordshire landmark. 

This was an area where so many Barrage Balloon Operators and so much development and experiment with Barrage Balloons took place.

The site is of great historical significance to those who served in Balloon Command and to the families of these men and women.

There are plans to build on the airfield there which would eliminate any use of the ground for the landing and taking off of airships in the future.

This housing is not needed, there are hundreds of acres of land with outline planning for housing in this country where no building work is taking 

place because there is no market for houses.

House buying has never been so low in numbers.

If this planning application is approved then we will never see the fantastic sight of an airship landing at Bedford and the fields on which so many 

people trained for during WWII and before will be lost forever under concrete and asphalt.

Our heritage will be lost forever and Cardington airfield will go the way of many of the former RAF stations that now lie under thousands of homes 

and roads in the UK .


Email your objections to this application at:

 The application numbers for the airfield development are 11/02685/eia and 11/02686/eia. 

You must give your house address when raising objections to the planning committee. This is a standard requirement.  

Update :The HMG e-petition has been accepted, if you are a UK resident and are concerned about the proposed housing development at Cardington please sign to get the matter brought up at parliament. please forward on to any interested parties.

 In addition there is an online petition you can sign. You will need to register for free and then you can sign up to the i-petition.

 ‎*** IMPORTANT: after signing up you are given the choice to donate to iPetition; this is purely optional your name will be added to the petition regardless of whether you donate.

The more protest you make the less likely are we to lose Cardington Airfield.