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I have decided to feature this terrible scandal in an effort to try and help a veteran of the Second World War who served in Balloon Command  as his government simply will not grasp the nettle and help him.

The Outrageous Scandal of Mr Jack TAGG a British War Hero

Glen Owen of the Mail has highlighted a scandal about a war hero who has developed macular degeneration and this has caused doctors to launch an internet campaign to shame Prime Minister Gordon Brown because Mr Tagg aged 88 will go blind unless the Government are pre-pared to pay for him to have treatment. The war hero has been told he will have to go blind in one eye before he will get NHS treatment.

More than 100 GPs have sent 5 cheques to Downing Street, made out to the Prime Minister, which they want to be put towards the cost of a cure for Second World War pilot Jack Tagg.

Now members of the public can join this campaign to embarrass Brown and his Ministers into funding this treatment properly. Read on:
Glen Owen reported:

"Mr Tagg, 88, suffers from "wet" macular degeneration, the main cause of sight loss in Britain, affecting vast numbers of  people. It can lead to blindness in as little as three months - but with prompt treatment
it can be reversed.
He and his wife Gabrielle, 77, are selling their house to raise money to pay for an 11,000 course of injections. Mr Tagg, who was a member of the RAF Balloon Command during the war and flew Wellington bombers, had his first privately-funded injections on Friday.
He said: "I am selling up under protest. If I have to go for the full treatment it will end up costing me about

To support Mr Tagg why not send your cheque for 5.00 made payable to "Gordon Brown" at 10 Downing Street, London. SW1A 2AA.

The test of your letter is to ask Mr Brown to collect the money and give the cash lump sum to Mr Tagg to defray the cost of a procedure which should be his free of charge by right on the NHS but for reasons that only Gordon Brown can know the Government is saying "NO".

You can copy and paste this letter


                                                                                            Your Address Here

Prime Minister Gordon Brown

10 Downing Street,



Dear Prime Minister,

Ref: Jack Tagg Fund for Macular Treatment

Please find a cheque enclosed for 5.00 made out to you.

This is because your government refuses to pay for up to date medical treatment for

 War hero Jack Tagg. Perhaps you can cash these cheques and send the cash to Mr Tagg?

Oh, and by the way, please do not be shy about adding your own 5.00 cheque as well.

I hope that like minded people will send you many more cheques to help pay for his

treatment as your government is currently too poor to spend money to try and save the sight of the

250, 000 people who develop macular degeneration.

Yours sincerely




Glen Owen further comments:

"More than 120 doctors have signed up to his campaign so far. Many have also posted messages of support, including one who wrote that "it has got to be worth a fiver to kick Gordon's gluteal muscles".

The row will be embarrassing for Mr Brown, who suffered from eye damage when he was a 17-year-old student at Edinburgh University. "

The Daily Mail in an article by Glen Owen comments as below:

"Despite three operations to repair detached retinas, aggravated by a rugby injury, he was left blind in his left eye, although a fourth procedure successfully saved the sight in his right eye."

You would think that Gordon Brown would have some empathy with people with sight problems? This shows how uncaring this government has become

 Does anyone remember Mrs Thatcher developing a detached retina? Did she realise the value of sight?? She withdrew the universal free NHS sight test. It seems that Prime Ministers have shown over the years that they are uncaring even if they have eye problems themselves...just another indication of not being in touch with the public.