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July 2009


Thomas Fraser was  born at Inverness 25 January 1906 died Aberdeen 1980.

 His son requests:

Iif anyone can help me with the early days of my fatherís war, Iíve

deciphered his diaries which cover his days in Ceylon, India and China and the can

be seen on, He was called up

 at Padgate 3 Receiving Centre 19/10/40  and now I think moved to Morecambe

7Receiving Centre 26/10/40. It was after that he moved onto barrage balloons,

910 Squadron 26/11/40 & 908 Squadron 27/1/41, I have him billeted at 10 Victoria

Park Square, Bethnal Green, an old Territorial Barracks, now the local police HQ,

in 4/2/41, in a letter to a Cpl Jeffries and he mentions several of his mates in it,

see letter below dated 4th February 1941.

Due to, what we believe, the ill health of my mother, dad moved to Scotland, first to

948 Squadron but no date, then 929 Squadron 26/8/41, 948 Squadron 25/9/4, 948

Squadron 25/9/41 and finally 945 Squadron 20/7/42  before going to 4 SoTT (School

of Technical Training) on 28/1/43. We have family tales of him at the Forth bridge

and also him being at the bridge at the on the Clydebank Blitz but those dates donít fit.

 Any information or anecdotes, even if you never met my dad, would be very welcome.

Group Photograph of men at possibly, Morecambe,

Dad (Tom Fraser) is second row from the front, second from right, date uncertain but probably wintertime.


In February 2018 I was sent a picture (see below) of a second group of airmen posing for a picture at Morecambe. This shows the same hut

and confirms the picture was taken at Morecambe.



If anyone can help Tom Fraser's son with information on his father or the squadrons his father

was in please contact the secretary Peter Garwood at and I will

pass your contact details on.