Click for Dorothy (Doff) Hunt, LACW 2027976


1942 Training at Morecambe. Doff fourth from left middle row.

The borough Southwark 1943. Two I/C looking after things!


1942 Chigwell Training Camp: Doff fourth from left, second row from back.

Some names on reverse of photograph: Peggie Church, Bunny Hanson, Olive King,

 P Lucas, Pat Lewis, Brenda Beattie, L Marchant, Mona Digby, Elsi Jones, Joy Rose,

Mary Glenn, J Aidan, Jackie Burns, Irene Wakeman, E Narslow, E Tisdall, Gwen Colville,

H Harlow, F Jeffries. Also written comment:

"With Air Commandants compliments. 7 days CB for Wing Commander Hunt, Air Commandant Whitman.

1943 "E" Flight B/G HQ and NCO's off site.