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September 2009 news for avid readers of books related to WWII. This would make a great Christmas Present for

family members. Full to the brim with nostalgia!

For those who remember being Barrage Balloon Fabricators and having to repair barrage balloons, Suzanne

has included a chapter on 'Blimps' which was written based largely on material from the Balloon Barrage Reunion Club.

I believe the word "Blimp" was used in the early days of lighter than air craft and have found suggestions

that it was originally used because early balloons used as airships were "A" series followed by "B" Series and as the gas escaped

they became out of shape and were described as "limp" hence A-limp and B-limp!!

Signed copies are available now. Contact Suzanne at:


'Eias'  The Wharf, St.Ives, Cornwall, TR26 1LP




                                    Members at the recent BBRC AGM



        Stitching for Victory


 By    Suzanne Griffith



To be published on  24th  September 2009 at £16.99, paperback


 How did the stitching of Britain

affect the outcome of the

Second World War?

        What part did stitch play:

          in the lives of Britain’s Servicemen and Servicewomen, civilians on the Home Front and prisoners-of-war?






                 Suzanne Griffith was a child during the post-war years of austerity.

                 This book was inspired by research for a Textile Art and Design degree.

                She now lives in Cornwall.


Available from all good bookshops,, or phone our distributor

(Marston Book Services) 01235 465577 for direct sales