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                                                Obituary for Alan Keith Rimmer Member No. 402


It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Alan Keith Rimmer, on April 18th, 

2019 in Kitchener  Ontario after a brief illness, at the age of 84.

Alan was born on August 7th, 1934, in Manchester, England. 

He was the fourth child of Lena Boardman and William F. Rimmer. 

He had just turned five when Britain declared war against Germany in September 1939.

 Alan kept a vivid memory of that day: “Heavy rain and dark clouds seemed to symbolize

 war. I recall building an Anderson Air Raid shelter in the back garden with heavy rain

 filling the excavation with water. Mother took me to the Church Hall to enrol me in

 kindergarten school, but I ran away and never attended.” After the war Alan helped his

 dad doing electrical wiring on weekends and during summers and then delivered

 newspapers to the end of 1947. That year, at the tender age of thirteen, his mother

 desirous of a better life, they boarded “The Aquitania” and sailed from Southampton to Halifax, Nova Scotia. They then

 travelled by train to their first Canadian home in Montreal, Quebec, after having Lyn (Alan’s sister born in Canada) vouch

 for them. Alan often said that the most important thing his mother ever did for him, apart from giving birth to him, was to

 more about his ancestry and the difficult life his coal-mining grandparents had endured.

Alan graduated from UBC in Geology and Zoology in 1959. He conducted mineral exploration work in northern Canada 

before going on to teach in Newfoundland, Toronto, and then at Conestoga College in Kitchener

He was an avid printer, silk-screener, and beekeeper during family years in Hillsburgh.

Alan leaves behind three children from his first marriage to Ellie Rimmer; Susan, Jeremy and Tom. With great affection,

love and gratitude, Alan will be remembered by his spouse Thérèse Drouin of Kitchener. His caring attitude and helpful,

 resourceful disposition made him a reliable and trustworthy partner of many friends, acquaintances and fellow citizens.

Alan had a sister Lyn Lindstrom who had served in the Balloon Barrage in London and Alan wrote a book about her in 2007:

 “How My Sister Won the War and Pacified the Middle East With the Help of Some Friends”

The newsletter of the BBRC was a way for Alan to still be connected to his sister, but more importantly, it gave Alan a

deeper appreciation for people involved in the Balloon Barrage during WWII.

Alan gifted all his copies of the BBRC newsletter and his book on his sister’s balloon experiences to Laurier Centre for

Military Strategic and Disarmament Studies in Canada where they have been archived. 






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