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   Obituary: 2020766 Leading Aircraftwoman Hazel Winifred Barrow (Nee Walker)


   Hazel Barrow joined the W.A.A.F. in November 1941. This was just at the time when women were being  recruited in an effort to

   replace men in barrage balloon squadrons. As a volunteer she was called up for service to R.A.F. Bridgnorth and

  completed her training as a Barrage Balloon Operator at Newcastle on Tyne. She soon found herself in the areas that were attacked

  by Nazi bombers. She served on sites in the "Black Country" near Birmingham Quinton, Gloucester, Bedford for Motor Transport    

  training. She then served in Staffordshire, Cardiff Castle and Cardiff Docks. Cardiff and it's dockland were important sources of war

  materials into this country and because of this attracted the attention of the Luftwaffe.  At Cardiff three Balloon Operators were killed

  by a single bomb. Later she was a Calne, Yatesbury, and spent the last 6 months at Slough, Buckinghamshire. She was demobbed at

  Slough in 1945.

  She had considerable experience of balloon work and would have turned out in all weather conditions

 Hazel and her husband Michael had been regular attendees at the many BBRC reunion dinners held by the Club.

                                                  The dinner meeting at London Union Jack Club in 2009



 Hazel and her husband were retired and living at Southsea. Hazel had not been very well for the last few years and passed away in a

 Nursing Home on 8th August 2018.

 It is to people like Hazel that we, as a Nation, need to give thanks to for the untiring effort, hardships, heartbreak,

 sacrifices and sheer determination that enabled her generation to win a war against Nazi tyranny so that future

 generations can live in peace today. We thank her and all other ex-service personnel for the service to the Nation in the

 dark hours of WWII.


Thank you Hazel for your service to our country. Rest in Peace.


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