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Memories of a Barrage Balloon Operator written by Jean Shepherd (Nee Greenhill)

She was 203628 L.A.C.W. Jean Shepherd. Enlisted June 1942 as Balloon Operator. Trained at Bridgnorth and Titchfeld, Southampton.

 Posted Easton in Gordano (Bristol) and relaxed in Pill, Shirehampton, Portishead and Bristol. Served on 927 Squadron 'A' Flight site 2 & 6. 

This Flight was transferred to Plymouth in June to November 1944. Almost certainly due to the V1 and V2 attacks.

She was posted to Leighton Buzzard November 1944, and then to Air Ministry, Whitehall until discharge in 1946. 

 Sadly she died 13th February 1997.

This article gives a small insight into what life was like on a daily basis for Barrage Balloon Operators during the war, hardships 

and comradeship were ever at hand. Read and enjoy her story. 

I wonder how many young women of the same age would join up today?