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                                                         Leading Aircraftman Eric Neville






                          Leading Aircraftman Eric Neville



                        Stanmore Park with the remnants of a broken balloon this is beyond repair

                        and much form filling will be needed to strike it off charge! Note the sentry

                        post sandbagged on the right of the picture.



                        A casual pose at a gate.




                               A casual pose at a gate. Note the ever present respirator sack!



                            Stanmore Park. Eric is astride a large step-ladder servicing the bedded down balloon.

                            For those who like Health& Safety in 2020, these servicemen worked on these with no

                            harness, no safety net, no hard hat, and no fluorescent clothing. Gloves were provided

                           on the basis one size fits all. A considerable number of men and women broke limbs when

                           falling off this standard type of R.A.F step-ladder. I know one died from injuries. Interviews

                          with Balloon Operators reveal that Health & Safety was unheard of and they agree it was

                          dangerous but, "There was a war on, you know?"


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