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Paul Leeson has sent these terrific pictures of his Grandfather John Leeson, 901 Squadron

during WW2.These are superb examples of BB operators.

Above he is first on the left, a relaxed scene early in the war, in the Plumstead - Abbey Wood

area. 901 squadron days.

Above he is in the middle at the back. Note the airman in webbing and holding a truncheon

-has he just come off guard duty ?

Above he is 4th from the left. Note the ground wire. Part of the circle the tail of the balloon was

 tethered to, to keep it turned into the wind.2&3 are later, probably at RAF Seal - 966 squadron days.

Looks like a WAAF here showing the boys how it is done!! Great shot of the winchgear linking to

the crossover