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These pictures have been kindly submitted by Chris Cheneler and show 965 Squadron during its stay in Holland in November 1944 to June 1945. His father Joe Cheneler was in 965 Squadron and I must say these are a superb record of their stay there. An advance party of 965 Squadron went over to Belgium in about August 1944 and had to wait until the Canadians had pushed the German forces out of Holland and in particular the town of Ternauzern before they could move in and protect the area. Some of 965 Squadron including Joe Cheneler were taken to Antwerp to operate cranes at the docks. If anyone could add any more to this history of 965 Squadron I know that Chris Cheneler and family would love to hear from you. You can contact Chris on:

Please have patience while these are downloaded they are worth the wait!!

   965 Squadron on a lorry at left hand rear of the school billet

              965 Squadron Football Team Note Wing Commander Berriman

    965 Balloon squadron relaxing in the sun in Ternauzern

 965 Football team having a humorous moment in Ternauzern 1945