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History of BBRC

At the end of the Second World war Officers from RAF 30 (BB) Group decided to meet annually for a dinner in London.

These reunions continued for some years until officers from other Balloon Groups and Squadrons asked to be allowed to attend.

Eventually in 1959 the Balloon Barrage Reunion Club was formed with a committee, then headed by Wing Commander C-L de Beaumont, OBE and it was decided to extend membership to ALL officers who had served in the Command.

These reunions took the form of a dinner each October, but in 1981 members met for a luncheon which was more beneficial to those who had travelled some distance.

Wing Commander de Beaumont died in 1972, and the chairmanship was accepted by Wing Commander Cyril Gadney, MBE and in that year, the club membership was extended to ALL ranks of the Command.

In 1982 the membership stood at 120. At that time the committee comprised of Mrs Pat Taylor Holden (Hon Sec) and Norman S Prince (Hon Treasurer). Pat Taylor was one of the original WAAF officers on the first committee and coped admirably with improving membership and organising reunions every year.

In 1982 Fl. Lt A. Solomons took the chair and with Wing Commander Henry F. Tiarks, Sqn.Ldr E.W. Josephs OBE, Sqn.Ldr Edgar Mann and S.O. Pat Taylor, comprised the original members of 30 (BB) Group from its inception.

The Club has continued to meet on an annual basis for a luncheon in London and members travel from all over the country and abroad for this special event.

The Club, which was founded in 1940, exists to unite former serving members of Balloon Command and its associated units in the Second World War. It is also for any Barrage Balloon enthusiasts worldwide. Membership is open to individuals who have or have had family members serve with Balloon Command. Many families have been able to use the club network to make contact with former comrades who had served with their family members. We encourage membership from all interested persons. The Club’s aim is to provide the opportunity for exchanging reminiscences, correspondence and for organised visits to places of interest. With the help of members we hope to provide this site as a continuously updated source of history for Balloon Command.

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