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28245 Flt Sgt. Richard Thomas Marrable.

He was born in 1892 in Bromley, Kent.

The 1901 census shows them living at:  21, Park End, Bromley.

Head of the household is Richard Marrable, age 40, (b.Trinidad), occupation listed as: Carpenter, his wife

is Jane, age 33, (b.Bromley), no listed occupation.

They have three daughters Laura, age 11, (b.Bromley), Daisy, age7, (b.Bromley), and Ivy, age 7, (b.Bromley).

There are two sons, Richard Thomas, age 8, (b.Bromley), and Victor, age 1, (b.Bromley). In addition they had Jane

Marrable, age 76, (b.Walmer), a widow, living with them.

 The 1911 census shows them living at 5 Park End, Bromley, a five roomed house.

Head of the household is Richard Marrable, age 50, (b.Trinidad), occupation listed as: Carpenter, his wife

is Jane, age 43, (b.Bromley), and no listed occupation. They have been married for 22 years and have had 6

children, 5 of whom are still alive. They have three daughters Laura, age 21, (b.Bromley), occupation dressmaker,

Daisy, age 17, (b.Bromley), Drapers Shop Assistant and Ivy, age 7, (b.Bromley), a scholar. There are two sons,

Richard Thomas, age 19, (b.Bromley), a single man, occupation Motor Engineer and Victor, age 11, (b.Bromley), a scholar.

 In the 2nd quarter of 1914 Richard Thomas Marrable married Lily H. Stevens at Malling, Kent.

    His brother Victor Charles Marrable, joined the Royal Field Artillery at Deptford on 5th August 1915 at Lewisham.

His address was 5 Park End, Bromley. His occupation was given as “Boot Packer. He was aged 19 years and 162 days.

 His medical notes show he was 5 feet 73/4 inches tall, with a 36 inch chest and 3 inches of expansion. He was

 discharged on the 6th of August under Kings Regulations Paragraph 362 (via): “Having made a mis-statement as to a

ge on enlistment.” Clause a, indicates  that he was “(a) Soldier under 17 years of age at date of application for discharge”.

This shows the fervour and patriotism men felt about the war, imagine joining up at 16! He served for one day, I wonder

 if he got paid for that day?

Victor married either, Sabin A. Walsh at Maldon in the last quarter of 1926 or he married Jane A, Blower at York in the

second quarter of 1926.  Victor Charles Marrable died in Camberwell in 1955 age 54.

Richard Thomas Marrable served in the Royal Flying Corps in the Great War and was posted to Dunkirk in Kent. He was

probably an engine fitter in the Great War as he had served an apprenticeship as a car mechanic prior to the war.

This was evident from his occupation on the census form of 1911.

He is seen here at Ruislip, Middlesex, part of No.3 Balloon Centre, initially the squadrons here were:906, 907, 957.

On retirement he joined the Air Ministry as an AID Aeronautical Inspection Department inspector. His job would

have been to inspect aircraft or parts of aircraft from contractors and give them a seal of approval for quality and accuracy.

He died in 1946, age 54, at Bromley.

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                                                                    Flt Sgt. Richard Marrable.



                           What a great shot:           Flt Sgt. Richard Marrable. ( Front row, 7th from left).