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Ex-Balloon Operators Meet up for their Annual Dinner.

I was recently made aware of a small group of ex-W.A.A.F.'s who have formed their own little Balloon Barrage reunion gathering.

In June five W.A.A.F.'s held their annual reunion of the WAAF 'Girls'. They were based at Site 20 at Wandsworth, London.

They may have served in 904 Squadron.

This was their 67th year of meeting and Doreen Jones nee Stanley (who will be 90 in January 2013) has only missed one!

The original 12 ladies met in St. Martin in the Fields, London for dinner and catch up but as years went on, and families grew,

they each took turns to host the meeting.

As time went on, with children flying the various nests and downsizing of homes, it was decided by the daughter of Sergeant 

Lily Armitage, that they have their reunion in the daughter's large house in Great Warley near Brentwood.

It has been hosted their for the last 15 years or so and, according to an unwritten law, will remain 'The Base' until the Last Man Standing!

It is a total joy to listen to the ladies stories and their pranks during what was a dire time in any young person's life.

There are only 5 Girls left now, all are obviously in their eighties with many hitting 90 next year.

A good time was had by all!


                     Doreen Jones nee Stanley


Sergeant Lily Armitage and Betty Goody look at the Memory Ribbon with Nancy Pines.


               Sergeant Lily Armitage and Betty Goody

Nancy Pines,  Bay Dapson, and  Doreen Stanley  chat about life on Site 20 at Wandsworth.

The 5 ladies' Maiden names in the photo of them holding the 'Memory Ribbon') are, from left to right:
Nancy Pines, Sgt. Lily Armitage, Betty Goody, Doreen Stanley and Bay Dapson.

The 'Memory Ribbon' is hung on the tree. I love the small barrage balloon drawn on each memory.

What a fantastic idea! I can imagine you all have some fantastic stories to tell.

Thank you all for your service in WWII.