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This is a superb text that covers the history of balloons throughout wars in history and has chapters relating to the barrage balloon and variants used in war as well as the "Cold War". A thoroughly readable, educational and enjoyable work to have.I learnt a great deal from reading this text and look forward to any more he may write.

The author is John Christopher a member of BBRC who is an experienced balloonist and author of lighter than air books.

He describes himself as:

"A professional balloon pilot for over fifteen years. When I am not flying I write books and have had five published so far. Four on various aspects of ballooning, including 'Balloons at War' and the latest one was on Isambard Kingdom Brunel and his work. The next is about the Transatlantic Airships. A former editor of 'Aerostat' and 'Airship', I have been gathering material on the barrage balloons for more than ten years as I felt there was a fascinating story that needed to be told. I hope I have done it justice."

John can supply signed copies for 19.99 post free within the UK, or plus 5.00 p+p for overseas.

For BBRC members only, John is making a special offer that means you can buy the book at half price, 9.99, plus p+p,

to order simply contact him and quote your membership number:

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Go on its a great read!!!