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Composition of Balloon Squadrons

This was led by a Commanding Officer, known as C.O. or "the old man". Below him was the station adjutant and station warrant officer.

The came the officer commanding the balloon squadron, below that was an adjutant. An officer was in charge of the flights and an NCO was in charge of each flight.



The Crew would have a set Drill and Orders to follow:

1. Fall in Balloon Crew

2.Balloon Crew -Attention!

3. As a Balloon Crew - number

4. Front Rank - Port, Rear Rank - Starboard

5. No.1 of the Rear Rank - Point of attachment

6. No. 2 Bow guys

7. No. 3 of the Front Rank - Winch Engine

8. No.3 of the Rear Rank - Chassis Engine

9. No.4 Stern and Mid-ship Guys

10. No. 5 of the Front Rank - Rudder Bag

11. No.5 of the Rear Rank - Ripline

12.Into File..Right (or left) Turn!

13. To your posts - Double!!!