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A Balloon Crew originally consisted of two corporals and ten men, but this was reduced to two corporal and eight men. In practice two corporals and five men can do the job but that number leaves nothing for the time off required for sickness, training and leave that operators are required to have. the hauling down of a balloon was very labour intensive at first but as improvements in the mechanical handling were made it was possible to use a windlass on the side of the winch.

A typical shift would start with a call to go on Guard Duty for two hours after which the operator would try and get 3 hours sleep. At 0700 hrs the Mess Orderly for the day would be required to ensure the whole Crew were awake, and ready to start the various duties required. After breakfast, having cleaned the billet, personal equipment and rifle, they would proceed to the daily routine.

Accommodation was initially tents and rations were supplied via hayboxes from central kitchens, later the hutments were provided and food could be cooked on the premises.