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        929 Squadron Deal with a Breakaway Balloon

                929 Squadron were part of the defence of the Forth Bridge. Here you can see them on an old British Movietone black and white film

desperately trying to bring a a breakaway balloon under control. Breakaways that were low on hydrogen were not very aerodynamic and

you can see the nose cone dimpling in the wind due to low hydrogen pressure. This caused it to soar up and dive uncontrollably. It was dangerous to

grab any loose cable as it was so unpredictable. They seem to have managed to bring a winch on to the field and have probably used the bollard

on the balloon winch to get a safe grip on the cable. Once under a degree of control they have to get it deflated but in this case the automatic

rip panel seems to have not been activated. You will see several attempts at deflation by "circus style" throwing of sharp axes at the balloon fabric

 but they simply bounce off the fabric! (See 0.52 and 1.02 minutes of the video). Eventually there is a large rip in the panel and the hydrogen escapes

making the balloon collapse.

You can see the Forth Bridge in the background behind the trees.


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