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No. 9 Balloon Centre, Warrington. was home to three Balloon Barrage Squadrons:

922 Squadron with 32 balloons at Cuerdly.

923 Squadron with 32 balloons at Runcorn.

949 Squadron with 32 balloons at Crewe.

They defended a line along the Manchester Ship Canal and this covered Runcorn to Warrington.

Here is a picture of the Officers at Halston Castle, their Headquarters in January 1940.

                   OFFICERS  OF  THE  No. 923  BALLOON  BARRAGE  SQUADRON

                    Back Row  (left to right): Flying Officer J.  E.  La Frenais, Pilot Officer

                    S.  S.  Wheeler, Flying Officer  J.   L.   Addleshaw,  Pilot Officer H. D. S.

                    Heaven,  Pilot Officer  J.   W.   Bush,   Pilot Officer   L.  S.  Collard,  Pilot

                    Officer   T.  L.  Vickers,  Pilot  Officer  D.  R. Andersen.

                   Front Row  (left to right):  Flying Officer  J.  C. Burgess,  Flight-Lieutenant

                   R. S.  Bleckly,  Flight-Lieutenant  G.  Sturgess,  Squadron  Leader  R.  B.

                   Dowling,  (Commanding Officer),  Flight-Lieutenant   J.  W. Huggins

                   Flight-Lieutenant  M.  A.  H.  Bellhouse,  Flying Officer  A.  Walker ,

                   Flying Officer  R.  F.  Armitage.

                                           Headquarters Halton Castle January 1940.

Further research on these Officers shows the following information:

All appear to have survived the war.

F/O Joseph Everett LA FRENAIS, L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S., L.R.F.P.S. (91110) Squadron Medical Officer 1905 -1949

P/O Samuel Stephen WHEELER (91127). 1906-1974

 F/O John Lawrence ADDLESHAW (90841) 1902-1989

 P/O Howard Donald Suckling HEAVEN (91166) 1906-1981

 P/O John Wreford BUSH (76269) 1903-??

 P/O Leslie Samuel COLLARD (76982) 1900-1960

 P/O Thomas Lloyd VICKERS (91071). 1902- 1967

 P/O David Robert ANDERSON (74299) Accountant 1895-1973

 F/O John Cormack BURGESS (90840) 1904-1985

 P/O Reginald Sanderson BLECKLY (90836). 1905-1984

 F/O George STURGESS (90858) not known DOB or DEATH

 S/L Richard Brabazon DOWLING (90605) Commanding Officer of 932 but initially with No. 922 ( West Lancashire ) (Balloon) Squadron. 1900-1981

 F/L John Wilcox HUGGINS (90884) 1897-1958

 F/L Michael Alexander Hamilton BELLHOUSE (90838) 1906-1968

 F/O Alexander WALKER (90865) not known DOB or DEATH

 F/O Robert Faulkner ARMITAGE (90842). 1906-1982