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                                                476938 Aircraftwoman 1st Class Marion Jean Hind

        She was born 23rd October 1920, the eldest daughter of Richard Hind, a Senior Assistant of 

       Weights & Measures, with Cheshire County Council and Elizabeth Hind, of Dunnocksford, 30 Hartford Road, 

       Davenham, Northwich.

       She had been employed with the Mid-Cheshire Electricity Supply Company as a Clerk prior to enlisting in 

       the W.A.A.F. in early 1943. She had a younger sister Aircraftwoman Mollie Hind and a brother Brian Hind. 

       On 12th June 1944 the first salvo of Flying bombs was launched against London.

       She was attending a course in the south of England when she was killed by a V1 Flying Bomb. 

     Others killed were: 478941 Aircraftwoman 2nd Class May Elizabeth Collier,

                                      479284 Aircraftwoman 1st Class Hazel Pamela Irene Cox,

                                      478918 Aircraftwoman 2nd Class Dorothy Lilian Palfrey.

       Her funeral was held at Davenham Parish Church and conducted by Canon E.W. Horrocks at 2 p.m. on 

       3rd July 1944 with military honours. Her coffin was carried by members of the R.A.F. and a Guard of Honour 

       was formed by the W.A.A.F.






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